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Comprehensive Benefit Services, Inc. Services Overview

Employee Benefit Services

Group Health: Our group health services provide business owners with a thorough understanding of the options that they have in providing health insurance for their employees. A comprehensive and quality benefits program and enhance retention of current employees and serve to attract quality new employees. Our services include a competitive analysis of their current rates, plan design features, employee communication. If the company needs a benefits program we can take the client through all of the steps necessary to help set-up and manage administrative requirements of  their benefits program. We also provide an overview of the new health care reform legislation and the effect it may have on their benefits program.

Our services include the following:

  • Group Medical
  • Group Dental
  • Group Prescription
  • Group Vision
  • Group Life
  • Group Disability

Corporate Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans: There are a number of retirement plan options for both companies and individuals to use to establish a retirement plan. We begin the process by evaluating the needs and budget of the employer or individual in order to determine which type of retirement plan will fit their needs. We then secure proposals on their behalf from several providers to give them a number of options from which to choose from. We then assist them with the implementation and employee meetings so that everyone is familiar with the program.

We offer the following types of retirement plans:

  • 401(k) Plans
  • 403(b) Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • SIMPLE Ira Plans
  • SEP-IRA Plans
  • One Person 401(k) Plans
  • IRA’s (Traditional, Rollover & Roth)

Insurance Services

We provide a full range of insurance services. We begin the insurance process by assisting the client in determining the amount of insurance that they need to accomplish their goals in the event of their premature death. We then go over the various types of insurance products that are available that meet their needs and budget and assist them with the implementation of their insurance program.

The products that we offer are listed below.

Life Insurance: Used to provide a family in the event of premature death.

Disability Insurance: Used to provide income to pay personal living expenses in the event of a non-work related accident or sickness.

Long Term Care Insurance: Used to pay expenses associated with home, assisted living or nursing home care. 

Key Person Insurance:  Can be used as collateral for a business loan and to reimburse a business for the loss of services in the event of the premature death of a key employee or business owner.

Buy Sell Insurance: Used to provide monies to buy the shares of a deceased business partner or owner from that partners’ family. This then provides a smooth transition for the business and provides the family with financial support for the deceased partners” interest in the business that may not otherwise be available.

Investment Services

We offer a full range of non-proprietary investment products to address each client’s particular investment goals. We begin the process with a fact-finding interview to get an idea of the client’s previous investment experience (if any) and then assist them to design a program to help them reach their goals. We also give them an education as to the various types of products that are available.

We offer the following types of investment products:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Annuities
  • 529 Plans
  • Managed Accounts

Planning Services

Our planning services are designed to offer our clients an overview of the importance of planning. These services also provide a road map for the client to guide them through the steps necessary in order to prepare for retirement, business succession and death.

The planning services that we offer are as follows:

  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business Succession Planning

Thank you for your consideration of our services!!

This information is not intended to be a substitute for individualized legal advice. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.