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Keep Your Desk Clean with These Tips

Keep Your Desk Clean with These Tips

| March 17, 2022

The desk in your office can be a realm of productivity, but it can also be a haven for germs. A study from the University of Arizona found the average desk can have up to 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. That’s why it’s so important to clean your workspace regularly. Whether working from home or in the office, these cleaning tips can help you keep your workspace spic and span.


To begin cleaning your desk, you should remove office equipment, such as your computer, stapler, and tape dispensers, and use antibacterial wipes to clean these items before returning them to their place. If you have a favorite mug or a reusable water bottle you use while working, make sure to wash it daily with hot water and soap or bring it home with you to run it through your dishwasher.

Consider the material your desk is made of before cleaning it. You shouldn’t use a cleaning product before checking the manufacturer’s specific cleaning directions. For laminate desks, you can either use disinfecting wipes or a combination of water and mild dish soap. Wood desks can be cleaned with a mixture of mild dish soap and water. However, you’ll need to be careful to avoid soaking the surface and thoroughly wipe away excess moisture.

Declutter your desk

If you struggle with clutter cramping your workspace, use these tips to help increase your productivity.

  • Shred documents you no longer need.
  • Use in-drawer dividers to separate paperwork by category and date.
  • Bundle and label your electronic cords, or go wireless with your keyboard and mouse.
  • Add shelves to remove items from your desk.


Before cleaning your computer, make sure to power the device down and unplug it. You should also never spray cleaner directly onto any part of your computer. Instead, spray the cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe.


The proper way to clean your keyboard varies depending on the type you have. If you use a desktop keyboard, unplug it, or remove batteries from wireless versions. You can clean the keys of your keyboard with alcohol wipes (squeeze out any excess liquid before you start) or a microfiber cloth sprayed with a gentle all-purpose cleaner. Allow your keyboard to dry before reconnecting it. Remove any crumbs or dust by turning the keyboard upside down and gently shaking it. You can use an air duster to clean any hard-to-remove pieces.

Before cleaning a laptop keyboard, always make sure it is powered down and unplugged. Use an alcohol wipe with excess moisture removed to eliminate grime from keys. Allow your keyboard to air dry before using it again.


If you use an external mouse, make sure to unplug it or remove any batteries before you start. Us an alcohol wipe to clean all sides of the mouse. If you notice gunk built up in a crevice, carefully use a toothpick and canned air to dislodge the debris.

If you use a laptop, you can clean the touchpad with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and allow it to dry before using it. If you notice grime built up in the edges of the touchpad, carefully use a toothpick to dislodge it. Just make sure to wipe the touchpad down afterward. Don’t forget to clean the areas around the trackpad where your hands may rest.

Computer screen

When cleaning your computer screen, never use items such as paper towels, glass cleaner, or harsh chemicals. These items can easily damage your computer’s screen. Instead, wipe the display down from corner to corner with a dry microfiber cloth, and gently run an alcohol wipe over the screen. You can also use a cleaner specifically designed for computer screens.

Desk phone/headset

Unplug your phone before you start, and wipe down all the surfaces, from the ear and mouthpieces to the buttons. If you can, clean the phone often and only use it with clean hands to help ensure it is germ-free.


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